Museums with reservations required

A special law (made to regulate the tourism sector during the pandemic) provides for the reopening of museums and places of culture.

But be careful: on Saturdays and Sundays, and also in the festive days, these places can be visited only by reservation, which must be done at least one day in advance.

In practice this means that, for these days, the ticket can only be purchased online. It is not, therefore, a simple reservation: the ticket must necessarily be purchased online and at least one day in advance.

On the other days of the week, however, the ticket offices are open, and, so, a reservation in advance is not required (and therefore is not required either an on-line ticket purchase); only the Royal Palace of Caserta has chosen to always keep the ticket offices closed, and therefore, for the Royal Palace, regardless of the day, the ticket can be purchased exclusively online, and always at least one day in advance.

For Pompei:

For Paestum:

This obligation has been deleted!