Amalfi, Ravello and Atrani (english)


Arriving in Amalfi by ferry there is the possibility to visit:

  1. Amalfi: that is the city center, and first of all the spectacular Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (including the cloister and the crypt);
  2. Atrani: reachable, by walk, from Amalfi in less than 10 minutes. To get to Atrani from Amalfi it is necessary to walk in the direction of Salerno, that is, to have the sea on the right and the road, where the cars pass, on the left. Atrani (photo immediately below) is the smallest town in Italy, an enchanting jewel with a splendid beach, a charming hidden square with its church, and a restaurant, “Le Arcate”, where you can eat practically by the sea.
  3. Ravello: the true gem of the Amalfi coast (from Amalfi there are shuttles that go and come back). Ravello stands out for its beauty, its tranquility and its splendid landscapes. The whole town is a terrace overlooking the sea, but that’s not all: in Ravello there are 2 fantastic villas (ancient houses) with exceptional gardens which, in turn, are terraces overlooking the sea. We are talking about:
    • Villa Rufolo: very close to “Duomo Square” (the main square of the town);
    • Villa Cimbrone, which is located, instead, 700 meters from Duomo Square (about 10 minutes on foot; Villa Cimbrone is located close to the monastery of Santa Chiara).

The 2 villas close between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.


Our advice is to go to Ravello absolutely first, because the visit of Ravello takes at least 4 – 5 hours, and it is therefore much better to spend the morning in Ravello and the afternoon between Amalfi and Atrani.

So: after arriving in Amalfi by ferry, it is important to immediately ask for information about the schedule of the next shuttle to Ravello:

  • if it were available at that moment, it would be better to take it immediately;
  • if it were necessary, however, to wait about 1 hour, this would not represent a problem: it’s possible to use this time to visit the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (which is nearby).



  1. from Ravello it is also possible to go down on foot (without taking the shuttle again) with a long walk of many steps, lemons and beautiful views that, surprisingly, from Ravello leads directly to Minori!
  2. A trick to get to Atrani from Amalfi faster: we have said that to get to Atrani from Amalfi it’s necessary to walk (direction Salerno) with the sea on the right and the road, where cars pass, on the left. Along the way, the traveler will find a gallery preceded by a restaurant, the “Zaccaria” restaurant. Well, instead of walking into the gallery, it is possible to “cut the way” by passing through the restaurant’s outdoor area. There is no need to be afraid of disturbing or making a bad impression, it is just an ” right of passage” absolutely allowed!


In the small square of Atrani it is possible to find 2 small jewels that come from the tradition of other regions, and that the citizens of Atrani have reinterpreted with the typical flavors of the Amalfi coast:

  • the pasticciotto – which is typical of Salento (Puglia), but which has been reinterpreted – with the lemon cream
  • and limoncello spritz!