By walk from Molo Manfredi

To arrive by walk from the port of Molo Manfredi it is important to always keep to the right, passing from the port area directly to the waterfront.

We have divided the path into 2 parts of about 10 minutes each.

Manfredi 1

The first route (Map 1) goes from the Maritime Station to the “Embarcadero, a bar located on the waterfront.

We have modified the original map of Google Maps, because a new pedestrian crossing has recently been opened (the one visible on the map) which allows you to shorten the journey a lot, passing, as we said before, from the port area directly to the waterfront (the route it is not yet visible on Google Maps, which instead shows a much longer path).


The second route (Map 2) goes from the “Embarcadero Bar to B&B Il Ritratto.


After reaching the “Embarcadero” Bar:

  • you have to continue to walk on the waterfront for a few minutes.
  • Turn left onto Arturo de Felice Road (you can recognize it for the traffic light).
  • Now you just have to go straight and up because Arturo de Felice Road becomes Diaz Road.
  • Diaz Road it’s our street! We are on the right. You have only to find the number 26.