Cava de’ Tirreni (english)


It is another fantastic walk that can be taken during the stay at the B&B.

In fact, Cava can be reached from Salerno in just 13 minutes by train, and there are connections every hour, every day, until 11 p.m. Before reaching Cava, the train stops at Vietri sul Mare, well known in every parts of the world for its exceptional ceramics.


The town of Cava de ‘Tirreni has a splendid main street with beautiful arcades (it is, in fact, nicknamed the “Little Bologna”) along which shopping shops alternate with many places in which to dine or have an aperitif.

As in the case of Salerno, also in Cava the train station is right in the center. Below, therefore, it’s possible to see the map with the route:

  • that from the station of Cava;
  • leads to the main street of Cava (which is called Corso Umberto 1).

Walking along Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi (the street in front of the station) it’s reachable (in 3 minutes) directly the beginning of Corso Umberto 1, and from there, it’s possible to start a walk on the Corso for almost 1 km.

Cava b