Cetara (english)


Our B&B has a beautiful and lasting synergy with the “Night and Day” beach, which certainly stands out in Cetara for its professionalism and organization.

Looking at Cetara from the ferry, the beach is located at the end of the town, on the right, just before the Viceroyal Tower.

The guests of B&B Il Ritratto can book, through us, sunbeds and umbrellas, for a pleasant and relaxing day in this jewel of the coast. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.



Cetara is very famous for tuna and “colatura di alici” (an anchovy sauce).

On the main road of Cetara (going up from the sea you have to look to the left) you will find 3 restaurants with a good relationship between quality and price:

  • Acqua Pazza (excellent place, typically coastal restaurant, a little chic, but which is usually a guarantee on the typical elements of Cetarese cuisine).
  • San Pietro (it was the best restaurant in Cetara, but when you arrive in front of the restaurant, you have to see what image it gives you, to understand if you prefer to eat here or at Acqua Pazza, which is probably surpassing it in recent years).
  • Al Convento {much more popular, but it made an excellent “Genovese di tonno” (Genoese tuna), super-typical dish of the cuisine of Cetara}.

The “cuopperia del Convento“, it is located behind the beach of Cetara (lido “Night and Day”). In any case, it’s possible to ask, because it is a place that everyone knows, and there it’s possible to eat a truly remarkable cuoppo of fish, (but now a bit expensive compared to the past …). The cuoppo is a paper cone in which they serve freshly fried fish at the moment (clearly it is a much more finger food solution, but it is an “institution” in Cetara).

Spazio per sito

In one of the small shops of the center of the village you will find the “colatura di alici” (the famous anchovy sauce of Cetara). Buying a jar to take home (to try to make pasta with it) is really a thing to do (a small jar of 5 euros is more than enough and can be used for more than 6 months). A shop with good quality products is called “Delfino“.