Furore (english)


The splendid fjord of Furore is located right in the locality of Furore, which is a tiny town between Amalfi and Positano. It is one of the most magical and unique places on the Amalfi Coast.

The small beach of Furore can only be accessed on foot, via a staircase built into the rocky part of the fjord (there are about 200 steps) which from the bridge (also visible in the photograph) leads directly to the beach.

On the bridge (through which the road that leads from Amalfi to Positano passes) it is possible to make a short stop for some photographs, but this is only possible on foot (or at most with a scooter); by car, in fact, this would represent a strong obstacle to traffic, therefore, exceptionally, it is possible to realize this operation only in winter.

To get to Furore it is necessary:

  • first of all take the ferry to Amalfi,
  • in Amalfi take a bus (SITA company) towards Sorrento / Positano; this is in fact the only vehicle that stops exactly on the bridge near the fjord.

This wonderful place (the only fjord in Italy) is also ideal for lovers of fresh air: the fjord gorge is so deep, in fact, that the sun only reaches the beach when it is perfectly perpendicular to the gorge itself!


The “Lonely Planet’s Experience Italy” guide, among all the wonders of our country, has chosen to put the Fiordo di Furore on the cover!

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