Mozzarella Tour (English Version)

The area of ​​Battipaglia and Paestum, in addition to hosting the remains of the ancient Poseidonia (a greek city that the Romans later renamed Paestum), produces what is absolutely the best mozzarella of the world.

In this area, therefore, in addition to a visit to the archaeological complex (the ticket allows you to visit both the archaeological park and the museum), it’s a must also a stop in a mozzarella company.

Here there are our suggestions about the mozzarella companies:

1) Vannulo

  • it’s considered the best,
  • it is the company that first finishes mozzarella during the day;
  • it is right on the road between Battaglia and Paestum (because when you are on the freeway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, the exit that you have to take to go to Paestum is exactly Battipaglia; at that point, to go to Paestum you can only take the “superstreet SS18”, and Vannulo is right on that superstreet).


2) Barlotti

  • it is already in Paestum (so it is ideal for people that want to go before to the ruins and after that want to go in a mozzarella company)
  • its mozzarella is also very good;
  • it has both a restaurant and a picnic area (where you can eat fresh products bought there at the shop of the company; but, it is important to remember that, to find a wide choice to buy the products that you can eat in the picnic area, you have to arrive there before the lunch-time, at the latest by 12:30)


From Paestum we also recommend:

  • Castellabate (the tiny mountain village with a fantastic view of the bay below);
  • Santa Maria di Castellabate (it is the seaside village of the above town, where you can stop for lunch, to stay on the beach, or for a walk near the sea).