Pompeii by car


To go to Pompeii by car, we recommend using the parking which is located immediately next to the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Rosario.

Moreover the interior of the Sanctuary is truly breathtaking, so if you still have energy after visiting the excavations, even just a short passage inside the Sanctuary is really a good stop.


The google maps coordinates to get to the parking are as follows:



The meeting point with the guides with which we work is in Piazza Anfiteatro, where the ticket office and the main entrance to the excavations are also located.

Therefore, we also insert the link with the google maps coordinates for the “Meeting point with Apollo guide”:



However, even simply looking at the map below, it is clear that: to walk from the Sanctuary (parking) to Piazza Anfiteatro (entrance) it is necessary to walk only for Via Roma (in red at the top of the map).

Pompei 22