Royal Palace of Caserta


In order to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta you need to know some fundamental information:

1) the Royal Palace is closed on Tuesdays;

2) Online purchase/reservation is no longer mandatory, consequently the ticket can be purchased:

  • directly at the ticket office (on some days there may be a risk of standing in line, but apart from this, there are no longer any particular restrictions in force, consequently buying at the ticket office is once again a more than valid option);
  • by telephone; calling the number: 0823448084 it is possible to purchase the ticket with an operator, using the Visa or MasterCard circuits. You will receive the ticket directly by email.
  • On the TicketOne platform; it will not be necessary to print the ticket (which can simply be shown via smartphone), but only to follow the procedure that we report at the end of this page.

Regardless of which of the 3 techniques you have chosen to purchase the ticket, admission to the Reggia is always divided into 15-minute time slots.


From 1 April to 30 September:

  • the royal apartments are open from 8:30 to 19:30;
  • the English Garden is open from 8:30 to 18:00;
  • the royal park is open from 8:30 to 19:00.

The last entry is normally allowed up to 1 hour before the site you want to visit closes (example: the royal park is open from 8.30 to 19.00, with last entry at 18.00).


To check the timetables for other periods of the year, or for any changes or updates (due, for example, to special events that take place inside the Reggia, such as concerts, etc..):

► Audio Guida e Orari Reggia


At the entrance to the Royal Park it is possible to use the bicycle rental service.

The Audio Guide is available free of charge at the following link: ► Audio Guida e Orari Reggia


To buy tickets on TicketOne:

1) Using the link: you will find (first of all, the possibility to change language) the button: “Tickets”, clicking it opens the TicketOne page directly for purchasing tickets.

2) On Ticketone it is necessary to select 2 very important things:

  • first of all the day on which you want to make the visit. In this first phase, therefore, do not worry about the timetable that appears on the site, but only that you have selected the right day.
  • After selecting the day, a second window opens with the choice of access time; this is an important choice, because entry is not allowed at a time other than that indicated on the ticket.

As reported above, the entrance to the Royal Palace is always divided into 15-minute time slots.



The Caserta station is right in front of the Royal Palace. This is not a coincidence: after having had the Naples-Portici line built in 1839 (the first railway line ever built in the Italian peninsula), Ferdinand II of Bourbon moved on to the construction of the Naples-Caserta railway line in 1843, with the Caserta station which was located just a few meters from the Royal Palace itself.


From Salerno there is a train every hour – every day: the direct trains, however, which take only 60 minutes, are only available in certain time slots, but these slots are perfect for guaranteeing a complete visit to the site.