Coming by bus

If you are coming by bus, you can arrive to the B&B in a very easy way!

  • First of all: the bus leaves you in a square (Concordia Square), that now is principally a parking square. This information is important, because you don’t have to get off from the bus at the terminus (Via Vinciprova which, on foot, is very far from the center) but at the stop before: “Piazza della Concordia” (Concordia Square).
  • On the left there is the waterfront (the waterfront is on the left on the map that you can read below; it’s on the right if you are looking the sea).
  • You have to start to walk on the waterfront for a few minutes.
  • Turn right onto Arturo de Felice Road (you can recognize it for the traffic light).
  • Now you just have to go straight and up because Arturo de Felice Road becomes Diaz Road.
  • Diaz Road it’s our street! We are on the right. You have only to find the number 26.


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