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Our town is very famous in this zone because it represents the best way to visit the Amalfitan coast and other beautiful places.

We have a very efficient sistem of ferries that normally we call: “metro of the sea”. By ferry it’s possible to see every place of the Amalfitan coast and it’s sure that it is the most comfortable, and, also, the most fascinating, way to visit this incredible coast (by car it is very very difficult and more expensive).

For this reason a lot of people prefer to book, for example, for a long period in Salerno, because:

1) you can save money in 2 different ways because:

  • sleeping in Salerno it means to find the best price (and the best relationship between quality and price) to visit the Amalfitan coast without the prices of the Amalfitan coast;
  • and, because, every day, after your staying on the Amalfitan coast, you can come back in Salerno and you can find the best restaurants in which to have a lovely dinner {better than the restaurants of the Amalfitan coast (always for the relationship between quality and price)};

2) you can find, in Salerno, the most comfortable way to visit other things such as: Pompei, Ercolano, Paestum (only half an hour by train from Salerno), Naples (40 minutes by train from Salerno), and the Royal Palace of Caserta;

3) you can find all the advantages to stay in a real town and not in a small place without all the typical things that you need (supermarkets, normal shops, etc…);

4) you can do everything by walking! Because:

  • the train station is close to the B&B: 5 minutes walking
  • the port (in which to take the ferry) is close to the B&B: 5 minutes walking
  • the historic center of Salerno is close to the B&B: 5 minutes walking.

There are trains and ferries every day at every hour:

It’s possible to visit all the places without car (it’s also easier) and from the airport of Naples you can arrive to Salerno by train, by bus or by a private driver that we can call for you.


You can think about these information, and you can contact us by phone (also whatsapp) and by e-mail, if you are interested in this comfortable typology of travel.

Book with us by phone or mail: you will receive an always better price compared to what you find on the classic booking sites.

Contact us here:

Save money with the direct contact! 📞✉


The map below visually summarizes what we have said until now and, at the bottom of the page, there are other useful links for organizing your trip!

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First of all:

  1. Coming by Train
  2. Coming by Ferry

For more information about the ferries to visit the Amalfi coast:

Ferries from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast