Ferries from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast

First of all it is important to know that: from Salerno to Positano there is the Amalfi coast, which is the territory of Salerno. After Positano another coast begins: the Sorrento coast which is the territory of Naples.

As explained in our info-page ►English Information◄, the ferry is the best, as well as the most fascinating, way to visit the Amalfi coast.

From the port of Salerno (located in Concordia Square, at 5 minutes from the B&B),C2

it is possible to visit all the most beautiful places of this enchanting coast and precisely (and in order of distance from Salerno):

  • Marina di Vietri
  • Cetara
  • Maiori
  • Minori
  • Amalfi (and consequently also: Ravello, reachable through a shuttle bus from Amalfi)
  • Positano.

There are two types of ferry:

  • one that makes all the stops;
  • and a direct one for Amalfi and Positano.

The direct ferry departs from Salerno, and returns to Salerno, every hour until 7/8 p.m. (in summer time; in spring time until 6:30/7 p.m.). The ferry that makes all the stops has more specific times, and it is therefore necessary to take a look at the ferry company’s website.

It is important to remember, when making the search, to enter as a starting point: “Salerno-Concordia” and not “Salerno-Manfredi”.

Here there is the link of the ferry company website: https://www.travelmar.it/

We strongly advise against purchasing ferry tickets in advance for one fundamental reason: the beauty of sleeping in Salerno consists in being able to reach, in a very easy way, all the main places of interest; consequently it will be fantastic to be able to decide, during your stay, what to do day by day (for example: excellent weather = let’s go to the coast / cloudy weather = let’s go to Pompeii). Don’t worry about the queues: just go to the ticket office 20 minutes before the departure of the ferry and, in this way, you will not encounter any particular problems (also because, if you had already bought the ticket on internet, however the ferry company requires you to go to the port 20 minutes before the ferry departs).

P.S. for Ravello

True gem of the Amalfi coast, Ravello stands out for its beauty, its tranquility and its splendid landscapes. The whole town is a terrace overlooking the sea, but that’s not all: in Ravello there are 2 fantastic villas with exceptional gardens which, in turn, are terraces overlooking the sea. We are talking about:

1) Villa Rufolo: very close to “Duomo Square” (the main square of the town);

2) Villa Cimbrone which is located, instead, 700 meters from Duomo Square (about 10 minutes on foot; Villa Cimbrone is located close to the monastery of Santa Chiara).

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