Coming from Capri

The city of Salerno has 2 ports:

1) the port “Salerno – Concordia” is the main port of the city, it is located in the center, and it is 5 minutes walk from the B&B  (Map 1).

In this port operates the company “Travelmar”, which offers a very efficient ferry service to visit the entire Amalfi coast (Cetara – Maiori – Minori – Amalfi – Positano).


2) The second port of the city is the “Salerno – Manfredi“ port. This port is located just outside the historic center and is in fact a 20/25 minute walk from the B&B (Map 2).

The “NLG” company operates in this port, offering a transport service through which it is possible to visit the island of Capri.

Capri Italiano

Precisely from Molo Manfredi there are 2 different types of transport to reach Capri:

  • the fast ferry “Jet” of the NLG company (leaves at 8:20, returns at 17:15, reaches Capri in 80/90 minutes);
  • the motorboat (leaves at 8:40 am, returns at 5:30 pm, reaches Capri in 110/120 minutes).

Capri english

As shown in the photo, we recommend the fast ferry “Jet“.


Therefore, coming from Capri, you can choose between 2 different solutions:

  • to take the the fast ferry “Jet” of the NLG company (direct to Salerno): with 90 minutes of navigation you will have reached the secondary port “Salerno – Manfredi“, and then you can walk for 20/25 minutes to the B&B, or call a taxi using this number: 089757575;
  • to take the Capri – Positano ferry (only 30 minutes of navigation), and then, in Positano, to take the direct ferry to Salerno, of the company “Travelmar” (70 minutes of navigation). In this way you will reach the port “Salerno – Concordia“, which, as we have said, is the main port of the city, it is located in the center, and it is 5 minutes walk from the B&B.

If you are interested in this second option (very comfortable) you can:


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