Positano, Minori and Maiori (english)

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Arriving in Positano by ferry means immediately reaching the center of this wonderful pearl of the coast. But we must not stop at the beach area alone: Positano is uphill, but it is full of colors, scents, exceptional views and small streets where the shops of the famous “Positano beachwear” are located. Consequently, in order to make the walk really pleasant, it is advisable to make a rapid ascent first, and then a slow descent.

Take the Parking Migliaccio in Piazza dei Mulini as a reference point (for the descent).

Going down, the road becomes increasingly narrow and fascinating and, after passing “La Zagara”, Via dei Mulini, with its roof of flowers (https://goo.gl/maps/fskkzrssTaHYKCaK8), will bring you back to the center, in front of the entrance of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.


After spending the morning in Positano, it is possible to go to Minori (for example with the ferry of 1:30 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.) in which it’s a must to have a stop at the Sal de Riso pastry shop, where you can taste the legendary “Ricotta e Pera” cake (“Ricotta and Pear”).

At this point you can:

  • or have some relaxing time on the beach of Minori,
  • or go, by walk, to Maiori (where the beach is even bigger).


The Minori-Maiori route can be done:

  • or in plain, in about 10 minutes (as for the Amalfi-Atrani route, also in this case you proceed along the sea, walking along the same road where cars also pass);
  • or going up and down, that is: making the “Path of Lemons“, a beautiful path that connects the 2 towns in an alternative way and which takes about 1 hour; the start of the route is located near the INPS office, behind the Church of Santa Trofimena (the main church of Minori). Between ascent and descent there are many steps to take, but in addition to a beautiful view, the path offers the possibility to proceed along the lemon plantations with their very particular terraces.


In Maiori you will find a rather large beach (for the standards of the Amalfi coast), a pleasant little “Corso”, and the possibility of taking the ferry again:

  • to go to Cetara (for an aperitif);
  • or to return directly to Salerno (it is important to remember that your destination to come back to the center of Salerno is the port: “Salerno-Concordia” and not “Salerno-Manfredi”).


Cetara (english)



Obviously, the “Path of Lemons” can also be done starting from Maiori.

Reaching the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare (the main church of Maiori, with its marvelous dome, and with, inside, a byzantine-style wooden statue from the 1200s found in the sea wrapped in a bale of cotton) the path climbs from the stairs of Via Vena (one of the oldest areas of the town) next to the rocky ridge. Continuing in the fragrant Mediterranean scrub, you will find olive trees, vines, carob trees and of course the terraces on which the Amalfi lemon thrives.