Ferry tickets in advance?


We strongly advise against purchasing ferry tickets in advance!

Don’t worry about the queues: it’s only important to go to the ticket office 20 minutes before the departure of the ferry and, in this way, you will not encounter any particular problems (also because, if you had already bought the ticket on internet, in any case the ferry company requires that you to go to the port 20 minutes before the ferry departs).


Not buying tickets in advance offers an incredible advantage: knowing in the morning (the morning in which you have to take the ferry) if the ferries will be working that day or not:

  • if they work, the speech that we made at the beginning is perfectly valid;
  • but if they do not work, you have the possibility to avoid going unnecessarily to the port and also not to lose money (in fact, if you had bought the tickets in advance, there is no refund if the ferries do not leave that day due to bad weather).


How to know if the ferries are working that day?

The first “sure” direct ferry to Amalfi and Positano (the one that normally always works), is that of 9:40.

The ferry company begins to answer the phone from 9:00: if the weather is uncertain, we will call them, together, here at the reception, before that you are leaving the B&B, to know if the departure of the ferry is confirmed or not.


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