From Naples Capodichino Airport to Salerno

To arrive here from Naples-Capodichino, there are 2 different ways:

  • You can take the direct bus from Capodichino airport to the center of Salerno. This possibility is very good because it is the fastest solution.
  • The second possibility is to take the shuttle-bus from Capodichino airport to the Central Station of Naples, and, from there, to take a train to reach Salerno (with the B&B we are very close to the Central Station of Salerno, so from there you have to walk only for 5 minutes).


So which is is our suggestion?

  • When you arrive at the airport of Naples, before to exit you will find the information point.
  • So you can ask there at what time is the next direct bus to Salerno (there are buses of different companies and the timetables always change, for that it is better to ask).
  • If you don’t have to wait a lot, it’s better to take the direct bus: you will be here, in Salerno, in only 45 minutes, and the bus leaves you at 2 minute of walking from the B&B, if you get off from the bus at “24 May square”.
  • If you have to wait more than an hour, you can take the the shuttle-bus from Capodichino to the Central Station of Naples. There is one every 20 minutes, and you will arrive at the Central Station of Naples in 20 minutes.
  • There, in the Central Station of Naples, you can take a train to Salerno, there is one every hour, the most convenient costs 4,70 euros and arrives in Salerno in 40 minutes.


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